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Oxidation and Winemaking

Oxidation and Winemaking

In the winemaking industry, controlling oxidation is part art and part science. Too little and red wines fail to develop complexity and maturity. Too much and white wines lose their clarity and fruity character. Wine producers continually explore ways to harness and control oxidation in their never-ending quest to craft the ultimate wines.
What is BevClar?

What is BevClar?

Here at Advanced Formulation Technology we help wine producers harness and control oxidation by stabilizing it. At the heart of our stabilization solution is BevClar, our polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) based additive. AFT's BevClar effectively and selectively targets and reduces the polyphenols that set off oxidative chain reactions and affect clarity, color, aroma and flavor.
It's Science, But Not Rocket Science

It's science, but it's not rocket science

It's not complicated to use BevClar. Create a 5% to 10% slurry of BevClar and beverage and allow BevClar to mingle and fully hydrate for 1 hour before use, for maximum effectiveness. Then five to ten minutes of contact time with the full batch is all that is required. Afterwards, rack and/or filter the insoluble BevClar stabilizer to remove it completely. By design, BevClar can be introduced at a number of convenient points in the production process.
BevClar 31 Wine Stabilizer

BevClar 31 Wine Stabilizer

BevClar 31 is our 100% PVPP stabilizer with a particle size around 25 μm. BevClar 31 is optimized to rapidly target problematic polyphenols such as leucoanthocyanidins and catechins—and prevent 'pinking' and 'browning'—by micronizing the PVPP polymer. Due to its small particle size, BevClar 31 is best removed by filtration.

BevClar 31 is the preferred option for use in wine due to its high surface area, which permits maximum efficacy. It may be added after initial clarification, during or after tartaric stabilization, or before pre-bottling filtration. If used during pre-bottling filtration, a diatomaceous earth filter should be used following no less than 5 minutes of contact.
BevClar 140 Wine Stabilizer

BevClar 140 Wine Stabilizer

BevClar 140, our 100% PVPP stabilizer with a particle size around 140 μm, is perfect for tanks and vessels where faster settling is required. BevClar 140's coarser grade of PVPP is optimized for addition to wine in tanks. The larger particle size facilitates settling of the stabilizer which allows the majority of the product to be left behind with the lees at racking and/or filtration. Three to 10 days of contact is recommended, although there are no adverse effects from leaving BevClar 140 in contact with wine for longer periods. Filtration is necessary to produce a bright wine, but the amount of solids present should be much lower.
BevClar Plays Well With Others

BevClar Compatibility

BevClar 31 and 140 stabilizers are compatible with all standard clarification and protein stabilization agents and treatments used in wine. And because BevClar is insoluble in water, alcohol, acid and alkali, and removed from the wine prior to bottling, the result is additives-free for a 'clean' label.

BevClar 31 and 140 products have the advantage of being hydrophilic and easily dispersed in water or wine. They are usually slurried by thoroughly dispersing a 5 to 10% concentration of the product in the target beverage at least one hour before use.
A few of BevClar's many benefits...
  • Prevents discoloration in white and sparkling beverages.

  • Improves beverage clarity.

  • Enhances aromas and flavors by preserving highly desirable characteristics.

  • Reduces excessive astringency.

  • Helps improve fermentation rates.

  • Can be added to the must along with the yeast nutrients.

  • Costs about half as much as wine yeast.

Now say goodbye to unwanted color, flavor & aroma.

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